9th European Intruder Meeting, Italy 2018 - June

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9th European Intruder Meeting, Italy 2018 - June

Сообщение Medved » 28 ноя 2017, 01:39

Прилетело тут. Если кто в июне собирается докатиться до Италии, будет интересно. Нужны будут подробности - пишите сюда или в личку, перешлю письма, пароли, явки и т.д.

Dear Friends, Brothers, Sisters,

We are happy to invite you to celebrate with us this
from FRIDAY, JUNE 8th to SUNDAY, JUNE 10th 2018

This meeting, which will gather all the European official INTRUDER OWNERS CLUB (IOC), for its 9th edition
will take place in Italy.
The EIC is open to all, with a MANDATORY BOOKING.
Attached to this invitation, you will also find the registration form, together with all the informations
regarding the meeting.

Hoping to see you all in June, i hereby wish you all the best!
Gabriele “RAMBLER”

Via dei campeggi 7; 48122 Punta Marina Terme (RA) - ITALIA
GPS Coordinates: 44.433381N, 12.296741E

- Check-in starting from 11am of Friday, June 8th
- Check-out until 10am of Sunday, June 10th
Attached you will find the registration form your club has to fill: you’ll have the possibility to choose
between staying in bungalows or in your own tent.
Your choice of two types of bungalows:
- 4 people bungalows with a double bed, and two single bed
- 5 people bungalows with a double bed, a bunk bed and a single bed
- All bungalows are equipped with A/C, cable tv, small kitchenette, bathroom with shower and patio
It’s possible to book a bungalow with a smaller number of occupants, but the price will be calculated on the
number of people per bungalow.
You can also specify on the registration form if you want to be assigned to a bungalow with available beds
or if you are willing to accept other people in your own.
If you decide to stay in your own tent, keep in consideration that:
- MAXIMUM 1 TENT per pitch area
- MAXIMUM 6 person per tent

Friday, June 8th
Arrival of groups, check-in, dinner and evening concert
Saturday, June 9th
Run of the nearby region of Romagna from morning till mid-afternoon (lunch bag will be provided
by us at no extra cost), dinner, “best bike” contest, EIC Lottery and evening concert
Sunday, June 10th
Breakfast and EIC closing by 10:00

Due to the booking process time, we kindly ask you to submit your registration forms no later than
31/03/2018!!! Payment last date should be no later than 15/04/2018. Booking will be finalized only after
the payment has been received.

BUNGALOW Price per person
5 person € 140,00
4 person € 145,00
3 person € 170,00
2 person € 200,00
PITCH (1 tent) Price per person
1 person € 85,00
2 person € 80,00
3 person € 75,00
4 person € 70,00
5 person € 65,00
6 person € 60,00

 2 nights in bungalow/tent
 2 dinner
 2 breakfast
 Lunch bag for Saturday’s Run
 Welcome gift
 EIC Patch
 Bed linen and towels
 Local taxes
 One free drink
 One free lottery ticket
 Group activities

- Extra meals
- Drinks (available at “EIC PRICES”)

“...what if I want to visit only, without meals and sleeping in the camping?”
In this case you don’t have to pay any fee, but consequently you won’t be allowed to the discounted fares
for dinners or the welcome gadget. The latter will be available ONLY BY PARTICIPATING TO THE
SATURDAY’S run with a fee of € 15,00 per person, that will cover the lunch and gadget.

Please note that the prices are intended only with a full stay period (Friday to Sunday), meals included.
Every modification must be requested at the time of booking and is subjected to evaluation from the event
organization. We won’t accept any request after the fee has been payed or at the moment of check-in on
Friday, June 8th.

For every additional info please write us at the following address: eic2018@gmail.com
Не ждите чуда, чудите сами

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Чопперюга Москвы
Сообщения: 311
Зарегистрирован: 03 янв 2009, 13:19
Мотоцикл: Suzuki Intruder C800
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Re: 9th European Intruder Meeting, Italy 2018 - June

Сообщение Medved » 12 дек 2017, 18:41



Данные для оплаты:

here following you will find the details for payment to attend the 9th EIC:

paypal: gabriele_rambler@me.com
bank transfer: IT 30 N 0760 10513 8297289397290 , the bank account is in the name of Canepari Gabriele; the name of the bank is POSTE ITALIANE

either you transfer via paypal or bank, please indicate the name of the person and the club.
Не ждите чуда, чудите сами


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